Pics From Previous Tea Dance Parties

NOTE: If you find yourself in any of the following pictures, in an unflattering pose, and would like to have that pose removed, please let me know via email, dancing<at>, and I'll remove the pic ASAP. Also, if you've been attending the tea dance parties and would like to have your picture added to our pics pages, please let me know.
View Pics From April 14, 2018 "Every Day Is Earth Day" Party
View Pics From March 17, 2018 "Spring Fling With Irish Green" Party
View Pics From January 20, 2018 "Bring On The New Year Dancing" Party
View Pics From December 16, 2017 "Holly Jolly Holidaze" Party
View Pics From November 18, 2017 "Thanks Giving" Party
View Pics From October 14, 2017 "Spirit Of Halloween" Party
View Pics From September 16, 2017 "Harvest Moom Kickback" Party
View Pics From August 19, 2017 "Ice Cream Social" Party
View Pics From July 8, 2017 "Patriotic, Flag Waving, Independence Day" Party
View Pics From June 17, 2017 "Summer Time And The Ballroom Dancin' Is Fine For Papa" Party
View Pics From May 13, 2017 "Mid-Spring Ballroom Dance Fling For Mama" Party
View Pics From April 15, 2017 "Easter Ballroom Bunny Hop" Party
View Pics From March 18, 2017 "Spring Fling With Irish Green" Party
View Pics from Januray 21st, 2017: "Bring On The New Year, Dancing" Party
View Pics from December 17th, 2016: "Holidaze" Party
View Pics from October 8th, 2016: "Happy Halloween" Party
View Pics from September 17th, 2016; "Tea Dance Party 5 Year Anniversary Celebration"
View Pics from August 20th, 2016; "A Comfortable Summer, Ice Cream Social, Ballroom Dance"
View Pics from July 16th, 2016; "Flag Waving, Celebration of Freedom Party"

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